Boost your Internet range with Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender

Nighthawk X6 Tri-band WiFi Mesh Extender: Super-fast mesh network for your office and home.

Netgear EX7700 is very helpful in creating powerful whole-home internet making use of your existing WiFi.

In addition, it is one of the latest and advanced tri-band WiFi mesh extenders, which includes up to 866Mbps 5GHz band for extending the internet speeds to your wired and wireless devices.

Conversely, its FastLane3 technology with a secure WiFi Link avoided cutting off the extended WiFi bandwidth in half as well. Additionally, its smart Roaming technology connects your networking devices (wired and wireless) to the optimal WiFi for ultimate streaming as you roam around all over your house.

Note: The process of New extender setup is as easy as 123. You just have to go through the Netgear extender manual guide once or call our technicians at our toll-free number.

Smart Features of Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender

Easily Works with Your ISP Gateway or WiFi Router

If you are not getting the internet range all over the house from your existing WiFi router, then getting a tri-band range extender would be the best option. It helps in boosting the existing WiFi coverage into every nook and cranny corner of your house. Nighthawk Mesh extender uses the same network name as of your router and improver the WiFi connectivity as well.

Patented Fastlane3 Technology: Ultimate Internet range and speed without signal breakage or Bandwidth Drop

Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh extender has patented FastLane3 technology that features tri-band internet with speeds of about 2.2Gbps.

So, switch to Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh extender and get a non-crowed path for all your WiFi-enabled devices to connect to the safe WiFi.

Only One WiFi Name: No More changing of WiFi SSIDs

Nighthawk X6 WiFi Mesh Extender creates a seamless internet all over your home by using the same SSID (WiFi network name) as your existing router.

Your internet devices like smartphones, computers, and laptops will remain connected to the same SSID as you move around from the backyard to the courtyard of your house.

Other range extenders create a separate WiFi network name than your main router’s WiFi network, causing disconnect and reconnect again and again.

This can be the main reason that, in the future, you might face login and setup issues for the setup of your WiFi range extender.

Smart Roaming and Seamless Coverage for Your Mobiles and Smartphones

Smart Roaming connects intelligently your mobiles and smartphones to the optimal WiFi for 4K streaming, surfing and a lot more. So, get ready to enjoy continuous streaming on YouTube, Netflix, or HULU even as you move around your house from the balcony to the garage.

Connect More With Two Ethernet Ports

Connect your game consoles and Smart HD TVs to the two gigabit Ethernet ports of Nighthawk X6 WiFi Mesh Extender. The LED light on your device helps to search for the best place to spot your device.

The Best Nighthawk Application: Get Most out of your WiFi

If you wanna set up your Netgear device easily and quickly and monitor your network as well, then you have to download the Nighthawk App first.

  • Simple Setup—Get connected in a short piece of time.
  • WiFi Settings— View your SSID (WiFi network name) and security key (password).
  • Device List—Display the list of active and connected devices.
  • Network Map—View the list of networks that are active within the range of your WiFi range extender.

So, in this way you can boost up your internet speed up to 20x faster. To know more, drop your queries into the comment section below and our technicians will reach you shortly.