Router problems

Hey, Want to Get rid of Router Problems? Here’s the Solution

In today’s modern and advanced world of technology, everybody is used to Internet surfing. Usage of the Internet has become as essential as breathing in their lives. From past ten years till today, people have experienced that their life too has mold up according to the upcoming and latest technologies. If you are facing some router problems, you can try the following steps to resolve them.

People are still not satisfied, they want more. They not only need a device that is limited to them, they actually want a device which can follow their each and every step, no matter where they roam around in the house.

But people really get annoyed when they fail to get all these facilities. Their router does not work properly, it cannot get in touch with their wired and wireless devices or its connectivity breaks down, and then the question arises:

How to get rid of such router problems easily without getting drawn into any difficult steps of troubleshooting, which can make your router work more complicated?

We are also among you all and think if there is any way out that we can help you easily without creating any confusion. “It will be our honor”. Just try the following steps once:

  • Your router and the modem should be properly plugged in.

  • You should not suppose to hide your router. It hardly matters how ugly your router is. Plus, you are not also supposed to haphazard the wires of router with other wires.

  • If required, you can also reboot your router by unplugging it from the main source (electrical socket). Wait for couple of minutes and then plug it back again. After that, you need to press the power (on/off) button on router.

  • Next, apply the above-given process on your modem. (Give this process the time of approx 2-3 minutes, after the process you applied for router).

  • Place router in an open area as it easily gets in contact with other devices which throw heat. Do not mess your router with other devices. After placing it in an open place, if you still find your router is overheated. Unplug the cable of your router from the socket. Do not plug it back until it get cool.

  • Be certain about the cables of router as well as modem. People do not pay attention to the wires; they just plug them and forget. Sometimes the wires of the routers get stretched. This only happens when you lift up your router and its wires get stretched. While working, by mistake our hands gets on the glass of water and spread all over the table and get though the wires of router.

  • Avoid eatables on the table of router as ants visit and bite the cables of router.

  • Last but not the least; make yourself damn sure about the wires of modem, electrical socket, and your PC should be properly plugged in the back port of router.

  • If you still find that your router is not providing proper signals, put it at a finest place where no other devices become a barrier in the path of router (Bluetooth device, microwaves, treadmill, cord less devices, etc.).

  • Always set the antenna of router vertically. Avoid touching and adjusting it again and again. It is one of the major problems that lead to low connectivity.

  • If you are living in an area where you find abundant of routers working nearby, there is a possibility that your router is subject to interference from other routers. So, you should change the wireless channel of router to get the best signal performance.

Do not get mad in involving yourself much deep into the above steps. Let’s get familiar with each other. Just get in touch with us and see how instantly we resolve your issue.