my internet is not working

My Internet is working, but WiFi just disappears, what do I suppose to do now?

Nowadays, we all are surrounded by technology, we are habitual of this. Without the Internet, we realize that our life has no juice. From kids to adults, everybody needs Internet, but it becomes annoying when you find that your Internet is connected but the WiFi network disappeared because WiFi has become an essential part of our life. Playing games online to paying bills online, everything depends upon WiFi.

If you have Internet, it is then only beneficial when you have a good WiFi that boosts up the speed of the Internet and allows you to access it everywhere in your house (terrace, backyard, garage, and even balcony) without buffering.

Fixed: Internet is Working But WiFi Network Disappeared

In that case, if you find that your WiFi network disappeared, try applying the following: but also remember while following the below-given steps, you have to be within the range of the WiFi network.

  • Update your WiFi as well as all WiFi devices timely.

  • Make yourself sure that WiFi services are enabled. Check the On/Off key on your device, if it is off, then turn it on or you can also go with the shortcut key by pressing Fn and F5 together (Fn+F5).

  • If you don’t have the On/Off key or fail to get through the shortcut key, just skip this step and go for the Internet icon in the very bottom-right corner of the screen of any device.

  • Once you have found that icon, right-click on it and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

  • Change the settings to all positive responses and then go to “Change adapter settings”. Choose it and proceed towards WiFi enable option. Right-click on it and activate your WiFi.

  • Reboot your entire system, which includes all your devices as well as your modem, router, and range extender (if you have). Shut them down, unplug them all, wait for 5 minutes, and then start your devices.

  • Reconnect them all with each other.

  • Check the frequency on your WiFi device and of your WiFi. It is impossible for you to connect your PC to WiFi (modem or router) if the frequency of them does not match with each other. (The frequency is supposed to be 2.4GHz and 5GHz).

  • If you cannot find the frequency of router, just visit the website of it by entering the make and model number of your device. Generally, routers are dual-band, so they support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

  • Or you can try this: open a web browser and in the address bar, you need to type the IP address of your router. (You can find it at the back of your device).

  • Once you have logged in successfully, it will ask you to fill in the login details (default).

  • Type “admin” for username and “password” for password.

  • Go to “Wireless settings” and save the “Enable SSID broadcast” by clicking on the box beside it.

  • Avoid the interference of other devices because many of your daily home devices carry the same frequency such as cordless, microwaves, speakers, treadmill, etc. if you are used to all these, place your modem a little far away (beyond the range) from them or you can power them off.

If you feel that the above-given steps are not working, do not end your hard work to frustration. If you still find your WiFi network disappeared, feel free to contact us anytime anywhere.