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Repair and Solve Internet issues like no one with NETGEAR Genie

NETGEAR Genie setup has become an inevitable part of every tech savvy’s life. Imagine a world where the internet is not working, and one is denied the access to emails, Google, and other apps. As important is internet for us, so is its maintenance. Hence, it is imperative to maintain the connection and monitor it constantly. This powerful app offers a dashboard that aids in monitoring and repairing any kinds of problems related to networking of NETGEAR products that you are using. And the best part is that one can do it remotely by connecting smartphone or tablet. This flexibility of remote power is what gives this app, an extra edge in the market.

Know all about the amazing app

  • It aids in remotely controlling the network with the help of monitor or smartphones
  • One can stream music or video files without any hassles in their phones that are connected to the network.
  • Flexibility of getting print from any device by installing the Air Print compatible software.
  • EZ mobile feature that helps in connecting and securing the network through your mobiles, tablets or other devices by scanning with a QR code.
  • Instrumental in controlling the parental feature remotely.
  • Be a master of the network setting.
  • Control, manage and monitor all guest access.
  • Advance WiFi Analytics features that showcase the analytics, and hence, the performance of the network.
  • Remotely debug any problem or issue in the network

NETGEAR Genie Setup

Installing and configuring a new WiFi Range Extender with the help of NETGEAR Genie Setup is very easy. To open Genie Smart Setup page, type in the address bar of a web browser.

Doing so will redirect you to a login screen. Enter username and password in the provided fields. Next, a basic welcome window will appear. Move the mouse cursor on New Extender Setup button and click on it. This will take you to NETGEAR Genie Setup page. Here, you can set up the extender, change settings, set up security settings, find out attached devices to the network, set up parental controls etc.

netgear router login
netgear extender setup

Advantages of using NETGEAR Genie tool

There are many benefits of deploying this tool on the network. Here are few enlisted:

  • Remotely handling and managing the network.
  • Easy debugging through any device connected to the network.
  • Stream videos or get printouts anytime anywhere.
  • Monitor the traffic generated through advance WiFi Analytics feature.
  • Have full control without the physical presence.

Proper use for effective results

There are certain key pointers to keep in mind while using the tool. Ensure that the router mode is on while connecting devices to the internal network since, access point or Guest network modes do not function in the same. Also, make sure that wireless extender or repeater is avoided since there are chances that it will not perform well. New extender setup aids in proper functioning of the tool for effective results, and also, offers troubleshooting assistance as and when required.

Latest Versions Available

To ensure the proper functioning, ensure that the latest version of NETGEAR Genie is installed. For Android, Version 4.2 or higher works while for Windows and macOS, Version 2.4.48 is the latest one available in the market.

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