New Extender Setup

New extender setup is the ultimate way to boost the existing wireless signals. A WiFi range extender is meant for removing dead spots in home or office. Dead zones refer to areas where wireless signals are not accessible. Maybe there are crawling signals in kitchen, one-bar connection in basement or non-spot buffering while enjoying online movies in bedroom. Such places which make the internet less fun are known as dead zones or blind spots.

Despite the fact that a standard wireless router is enough compatible that it can spread WiFi range and coverage all over the small home or apartment, it fails to fill a larger home with WiFi. As a result, dead zones occupy a considerable space in larger homes. NETGEAR extender setup can help to turn dead zones into fun zones by taking router’s current wireless signals to every nook and cranny of home or workplace.

Just buy a new extender if you have not already, set it up with a great care and enjoy a fast internet connection without any buffering.

Which WiFi Extender is the Best?

WiFi extenders live up to their name: they are superb networking devices which ‘extend’ internet connection in hard-to-reach places. NETGEAR is the most trusted brand when  it comes to range extenders. NETGEAR WiFi range extenders are available in different models such as WN3000RP N300, WN2000RPT N300, WN2500RP N600, WN3500RP N600, EX6150 AC1200, EX6400 AC220, EX2700 N300 and much more. Select the one which suits your needs, e.g. EX6200 is perfect device having 700mW high power design and 802.11ac technology whereas WN1000RP offers basic wireless coverage for mobile devices. Each extender has its own benefits. So it’s recommended to buy a WiFi range extender after checking its features, technology used and advantages to suit your WiFi needs. Choose wisely.

Meet your Extender

Prior to new extender setup, get a brief introduction about its buttons, LED lights and ports. LED descriptions NETGEAR extenders consist of 4 main LEDs on it which are briefly described below: setup
1. Client Link LED
Solid green: Best connection
Solid red: Poor connection
Solid amber: Good connection
Off: No connection setup
2. Router Link LED
Solid green: Best connection
Solid red: Poor connection
Solid amber: Good connection
Off: No connection setup
Blinking green: WPS connection has set up
Solid green: Wireless security is on (WPA or WPA2)
Off: Wireless security is off
4. Power LED
Solid green: Extender is on
Solid amber: Extender is booting
Off: Extender is off

New Extender Setup via

Mywifiext is the default web address to set up NETGEAR extenders. New extender setup through is an easy process. For Windows PC, use to log in to the extender. This webpage opens NETGEAR Genie setup page that provides on-screen instructions for NETGEAR extender setup.

Here are the completed steps for setting up a new NETGEAR extender:

  1. Turn on the extender.
  2. Launch web browser and go to
  3. Click on new extender setup button.
  4. Create an account using password as ‘password’.
  5. Log in to mywifiext account by clicking on Login button.
  6. NETGEAR Genie setup page will appear.
  7. Follow the on-screen steps and set up extender properly.

In case you face any issue during the setup process, contact us for immediate assistance.