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Recover WiFi Password

Different ways to restore lost WiFi password

1. From connected devices

If there’s any device that is connected to the same WiFi network, you can recover the password from settings. Here’s how to do so:

1) On Windows

If you use a Windows PC, follow the steps below to find the password of your WiFi network:

  1. Go to network and sharing center on your PC.
  2. Click on the name of WiFi.
  3. Next, you will find show password option. Simply, click on it.

Once done, you will see WiFi password in plain text.

2) On Mac

In case your computer runs Mac OS, all you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.
  2. Find your WiFi network and double click on it.
  3. Finally, type login password of your Mac.

And that’s it! There, you can find the password of WiFi network.

3) On Android and iOS

There’s no default way to extract WiFi password on Android and iOS. So, it’s better to make a note of your password or call at our helpline number to get a professional help from experts.

2. Find WiFi password from routers

It is one of widely used methods to restore the forgotten password of home WiFi.

Warning: This method is a bit technical, so it’s recommended to take help from qualified technicians by calling on our helpline number.

In case there’s no device connected to your WiFi, use Ethernet cable and connect your computer to router. After that, open an Internet browser, enter IP address of router and hit Enter. Now, type login details. Before you do that, contact a skilled technician who has the full knowledge of network. And at newextendersetup.com, we have expertise as well as vast knowledge of recovering WiFi password via router and make it successful in a matter of minutes.

3. Check your modem

If you didn’t ever change the default password, chances are that it may be printed on modem. It’s suggested to check your modem to see the password.

4. Reset router

Resetting router back to its default settings will help you find the lost password of WiFi network. Doing so will completely reset all your modified settings and you will need to configure router again.
In order to reset router, press the reset button on device. You can also use a paperclip to reach the button. After that, reconfigure it using the default login credentials. If you face any type of issue during the process, call on our helpline number to get quick support from qualified and highly-experienced technicians.


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